Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Times With My Friend Celeste!

Dried salami, cheeses, pita bread, pita chips, pretzel chips, hummus and some veggies. DELISH.

 We drove out to a quaint little town called Edmonds. Cute cute shops with cute cute stuff in them. Our first stop was for lunch at a really cute Bistro. We both ordered the mushroom with goat cheese panini with a side of broccoli salad....wow...it was a party in my mouth! So delish! After lunch we went shopping. So many special little shops. I bought a few things for the "Grand Tea Party" I am planning on having for my three granddaughter's and their friends. I found a cookie cutter shaped like a little teapot...so cute. We tried on clothes and had a great time. After we shopped for a while we sat outside on the patio of a coffee shop and had a cup o' joe together while enjoying the nice breeze and sunshine.  Celeste put her convertible top down on her cute little sports car as we drove over to the market to pick up some yummies for din din along with a good bottle of wine. When we got back to her place we picked posies for me to press. She had so many beautiful flowers and was very generous at that in giving me anything I wanted. Thanks Celeste my friend!  She also helped me do some brain storming and together we came up with the name Petra's Petals. She made a flyer and cards for me on her computer to help display my art.  They turned out great and I can't wait until my next Farmer's Market so I can show off her creative skills! We ate our dinner and then we sat back and watched a movie along with some macaroons dipped in chocolate. Yes....we did!!!! What a relaxing and fun time I had with my friend. Good times...good times.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Absolutely Gorgeous Day!!! (5-25-12)

You can see my red leaf lettuce is full and ready to pick already!! Red onions  
are doing good as well. I love my garden!!!

View of the spinach and my sugar peas! They are growing fast now. I have
blooms...eating some peas soon!!

Look at that spinach...Popeye would be proud!! It is so big and green!
I have already picked some of the outer leaves...so yummy!

I only planted three tomato plants this year. I spaced them out more and I   
put all kinds of "Special"  things down in the hole.  Check out what
I added to my soil to give me lots of red and juicy tomatoes at this web-site: 

The cage area I made to train my zucchini to grow on.

I am logging this so I don't forget how absolutely gorgeous the weather was yesterday. Crystal clear and blue blue skies with a slight breeze, it was around 70 degrees!!  P E R F E C T !!!!!!  I worked in my garden for over three hours and I planted my tomato plants as well as some pretty flowers. I also put in my zucchini starts but they wilted almost immediately...I am hoping they will stand back up. I am still chicken to plant my healthy bush bean starts in the garden....I don't want to lose those little guys I have nurtured and babied for a month now to one cold night. I did move them to my patio so they can get accustomed to the outdoor temps before I put them out in the garden bed. They have been outside for four days now and they still look good. I also built this little area out of those metal fences...three large ones stuck in the earth and then I took two to make a lid, then I attached them with those plastic ties so it would stand strong. (See Photo) The purpose for my little shelter is to train my zucchini plants up the side and then lay them on top as well as my youngest granddaughter's pumpkin plant. My garden is limited on space so I am going up! I enjoyed my time playing in the dirt and being outside today more than words can express. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! I am hoping for many more to come our way!!!!!!!!!! Lots More!!!!!!!!!!!! No.... lots lots more!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Farmer's Market Fun!!

Steel band. People would stop and dance and just have fun!!! I love the Farmer's Market!!

Some of my rocks. I sold about 200 rocks in two weeks!! (The rock the lady bought for her mother
to pray with is the white one with orange flowers at the top and to the left of the black one with rose petals and to the right of the single petal)

This is a custom made seed planter made by a very creative 6 year old boy. Genius I say!!
He whittled it himself. 

Rachel's table. She makes really neat stuff. Jewelry and fragrance balm made with essential oils in little tins and then she puts them
inside little pouches. So cute. She has an etsy site...I will add later. I am back with the link to Rachel's etsy site. Here it is www.fullthrottlegypsy.etsy.com and www.knotfadeaway.etsy.com .

I like to find heart shaped rocks and put heart shaped leaves and flowers on them. This
is one of my favorites. I did sell this one. The person who bought it loved it as much
as I did....I am glad I did not keep it for myself.

I did my second Farmer's Market yesterday....wow....did I have fun!!! I made friends, laughed a whole lot....and people loved my pressed flower rocks and they bought them!!! I am blessed and amazed how much people like my art. It feels good to make something that people adore. I get triple-plus pleasure out of doing my rock art. Beach combing to find the rocks,  finding and pressing the flowers and then making them...relaxing...peaceful...my time...and then people love them and buy them!!! Yes...blessed!! One lady bought a rock for her mother who is very ill and she used to hold a rock in her hand as she prayed. The rock got lost...so when she saw my rocks she was excited and told me she had to buy one for her mother to hold as she prayed. She picked a white smooth rock with orange petals. It had a small dip in it that you could put your thumb into. My heart was moved with emotion as she told me how much her mother was going to love that rock. It was a woe moment for me. The steel band set up on the corner a few feet from my table which gave the area a good vibe and it drew in the crowds....I love a steel band!  

Homemade Rhubarb Pie For Larry's Birthday!

This awesome homemade rhubarb pie was made by my daughter...and yes it was
as good as it looks!! EVEN BETTER!!! She makes the best crust I have ever had!! She 
made this for Larry's 70th birthday on May 15th...it is his favorite.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Farmer's Market Fun!

My table full of my pressed flower rocks.

I sold about one half of my pressed flower rocks today at the Farmer's Market. It was a great experience. I had so much fun talking to people and selling my rocks!!! Lots of laughs
and great conversations with many different folks. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Blast From My Past!!

Do you recognize this guy?? It is Randy Stonehill. He has been around for around 40 years!!! Now this next sentence is going to make me feel really old...gasp...I saw him a couple of years after he got started. He not only brings the gospel to his audience he brings joy and laughter as well. He really is a funny guy! My good friend Celeste and I went to see him this past Saturday, May 5th. His concert was at a small church out on a country road...over a hill...around some curves...through a field!  He did not have a band with him...just his guitar. Wowzer's we had a great time!!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Joyous Life!!

My youngest granddaughter visited me yesterday. I picked her up from her school early to come for a short visit and din din with Grandpa and me. We had to choose our activities wisely since we didn't have much time to complete our usual agenda. One of the things we love to do is go out to the creek and throw dandelions off of the bridge and watch them flow to the other side. She also loves to pick one that is fluffy and chase after me and blow the tiny pieces on me.  Fun Stuff!! Going out to the garden area is fun stuff as well. She usually waters for me but, because of how much it has been raining lately we chose not to. She ran around the gazebo and enjoyed being outside. There is much joy in my heart as I walk behind her as she sings and spins and just enjoys her life. Joy is very contagious!!! 

My Garden is Mostly Planted!!

Red leaf lettuce. To the right you can a couple of the red onions. My bottle fence to 
separate my pretty flower garden. Pennies around the edge of my garden to keep
slugs out!! They don't like copper.

You can see the three-fold trellis in this photo. I have peas on the sides and I will plant
the green beans in the middle. I am sure it will be covered from top to bottom with
loads of beans and peas. I will have lots of stir-fry for din din!!

Another shot of the flowers and bottles.

My two zucchini plants. Great for stir-fry as well!!! And zucchini bread. Yum!

My green beans!! I started them inside the house. It is still too cold to plant 
then outside. You can't even buy the plants here yet. They like the ground to
be in the high 50's-60's. Hopefully I can get them in my garden soon!! 

I finally planted most of my garden. It is still too cold to plant the green beans, but I do have them started inside the house. I have not planted my tomatoes either...next week. I bought a three-fold trellis for my snap peas and sugar peas and also the green beans. I have two kinds of lettuce and spinach, red onions, radishes, carrots and two zucchini plants in the ground. These are the before photos....I will post photos when I am harvesting at the end of Summer!! I also have one corner just for flowers. I made a little wall with some of my bottle collection just for pretty...you have to have some "pretty" in your garden...right? I love gardening...I love digging in the dirt!!