Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Times With My Friend Celeste!

Dried salami, cheeses, pita bread, pita chips, pretzel chips, hummus and some veggies. DELISH.

 We drove out to a quaint little town called Edmonds. Cute cute shops with cute cute stuff in them. Our first stop was for lunch at a really cute Bistro. We both ordered the mushroom with goat cheese panini with a side of broccoli salad....wow...it was a party in my mouth! So delish! After lunch we went shopping. So many special little shops. I bought a few things for the "Grand Tea Party" I am planning on having for my three granddaughter's and their friends. I found a cookie cutter shaped like a little teapot...so cute. We tried on clothes and had a great time. After we shopped for a while we sat outside on the patio of a coffee shop and had a cup o' joe together while enjoying the nice breeze and sunshine.  Celeste put her convertible top down on her cute little sports car as we drove over to the market to pick up some yummies for din din along with a good bottle of wine. When we got back to her place we picked posies for me to press. She had so many beautiful flowers and was very generous at that in giving me anything I wanted. Thanks Celeste my friend!  She also helped me do some brain storming and together we came up with the name Petra's Petals. She made a flyer and cards for me on her computer to help display my art.  They turned out great and I can't wait until my next Farmer's Market so I can show off her creative skills! We ate our dinner and then we sat back and watched a movie along with some macaroons dipped in chocolate. Yes....we did!!!! What a relaxing and fun time I had with my friend. Good times...good times.

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