Friday, August 31, 2012


This week I was Holly housewife!! Dina in the kitchen...or as we call it around here, Nanny's Kitchen!  I finally had a chance to get started on my canning. Fun stuff!! Since Monday I have canned 18 jars of raspberry jam, 13 jars of pumpkin butter and 16 jars of fresh organic peach jam!! I will can my blackberry next week. I am still waiting on my tomatoes to ripen for my salsas.

My labels were designed by my two oldest granddaughters. They were eight and six when they designed these for me.  They are both very artistic.  Just look at that peach!!! They came up with Nanny's Kitchen as well. I love my labels!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fresh Picked!

Fresh golden cherry tomatoes and green beans from my garden today.

Blackberry Season is Here!!

My first bowl of wild blackberries!! They are slow this year but there are plenty to pick for the next month or so. I will be making and canning my Blue Ribbon Blackberry jam once again for my family and friends!! I am just a country girl at heart!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Alpaca Farm.

A barnacle caught in some seaweed.

Lots of  barnacles and sea life to take photos of.

My granddaughters playing in the sand.  Buried treasures!

It was a gorgeous day!! I LOVE THE OCEAN...BEACH...SHELLS...DRIFTWOOD!!!!!!!!

A Chinese junk ship we saw from the ferry.

The lavender fields were amazing. We all cut and gathered bunches of lavender to take home.

Coffee and smoothie break!!

From the ferry.

Beach combing. 

This lake was just a short walk from the house we rented.

Getting ready to cut some lavender.

Bee's buzzing everywhere. My daughter actually saw a bee dive face first into the 
lavender and wiggle its face back and forth!! Amazing!!

Amber made a Mexican Fiesta for us. All from scratch. Yum! It was so scrumptious!!

Lots of interesting sea plants in the tide pools.

A snake in the middle of the pic...standing straight up!

We hiked down to this beach...about 3/4 of a mile.




     Every veggie in this wok I grew in my garden! Sugar peas, yellow carrots, green beans and zucchini!! It should tasted good.....way better when you grow you own!!


Despite not having much sun this Summer my garden is thriving. Of course I baby
it and nurture it like it was my real life kid!!! My tomatoes are going crazy...lot's of
salsa to be canned!! My zucchini...well just look at it!! It just won't quit!! Lots and
lots of salad to eat as well!! My green beans finally took off and I have picked several


Sipping tea...pinkies up!!

Pat pat that is proper darling!

Pinkies up!

Lemon was our theme. We had lemon pound cake, lemon cookies, lemon scones, and lemon tea!

At My Daughter's

Petra's Petals

My beach glass display. My friend Shaun built me a box to display it in. I got some white sand to lay the glass on....I love the way it turned out!! To see all about Petra's Petals go to


I got a few good photos of this deer. I was really close!!!

A little spooked...but she did not run off...she kept
eating...but looked up now and then to check on me.

Just checking me out one more time before running off! I loved this