Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rainbows In Our Backyard! November 2, 2012

Yes!!!!! I took these photos from my own balcony! Double rainbow!

Ohio in October (catching up on posting!)

While I was visiting my family in Ohio we went to the Columbus Zoo. Going in the Fall was the best idea ever! It was not hot and it was not crowded. We had a fun day. The kids ran and played and laughed. It was a great day. 
The stingrays were amazing!

My sister's favorite....Gorillas!

Gorgeous Fall colors in Ohio! There was a slight breeze blowing the big white and fluffy clouds overhead and a light jacket is all you needed. Perfect weather to walk around in.

Yellow leaves against the white clouds!! Love!!

A field with old tractors...out in the Country Country Livin' !


                                      What a view off our balcony this morning! Gorgeous!