Tuesday, September 25, 2012


When I was coming home from visiting my daughter and family in BC yesterday evening I could see the sun setting through the trees. I couldn't quite get a good view but I could see the glow above the trees and I knew it was a good one. The miles went by and finally there was a clearing. A full amazing view of the glowing sky!  I seized the moment and flipped on my signal, flipped a U-turn, and captured this amazing moment in time.



My gathering. Cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, hot cherry peppers, tomatillos, green beans, 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today I pulled up the last of my yellow and orange carrots, along with bunches of mixed greens. Everyday I pick a BIG handful of green beans and a BIG handful of cherry tomatoes. My Fall crop of sugar peas and lettuce seem to be doing fine. I have several kinds of tomato plants in my garden and thanks to all of this wonderful sunshine lately they are finally turning red!! I can't wait to make my salsa. I have tons of tomatillos that are coming along as well. I will be making salsa verde with those.

The yellow carrots are sweeter than than the orange ones.

Golden tomatoes...sweet!!!! Green beans.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Early Bird

That's me...an early bird!! I love the crisp air, the sky and how quiet it is in the early morning's. Most people are still sound asleep when I rise and shine! There is something about hearing nothing expect the birds singing. This morning when I looked out of my window at 4:30 the moon and stars stood out on a sheet of black. When I opened the door to get a better view the crisp air surrounded me and captured me. Every single star was clear as a bell this morning not a cloud in sight. I stood in awe and then got my camera. This was the morning I wished I had a better camera. Wow, what a sky!!!

The moon and a zillion stars. Sorry they didn't come through in the photo...I enjoyed them for you!!