Monday, June 17, 2013

Sun Shining~Birds Singing~Garden Growing!!

Update for you my brother!

My first California poppy!!! I will post more when
I have a lot more blooming!

I love my poppies!

My garden is doing really well!! I have lots of poppies!!

A view from the side showing my poppies!

I shot this photo standing inside the gazebo. It is a good one of both gardens.

My first zucchini!

My lily's are in full bloom!

My peas are thriving. Maggie and I have
picked several times already!

The peas are just hanging...I picked a few today...I need Maggie
to come over and pick them for me!!

Maggie loves to pick peas!!
My pea picker!

My strawberries are doing great!! They don't 
make it to the house because I munch them
right in the garden!!

My first bowl of strawberries were picked by my granddaughter and 
she took them home to share with her mommy and daddy.

I will take some photos of my tomatoes today 
and post them. They are doing super!

Here they are!
They have really grown lately. The mini green house really has helped!
I opened up the left side and front to give them more air. You can see
all of the blossoms. The hot peppers on the right side are also getting
blooms. The row of beets in the front are thriving as well!! Thank
You Lord for blessing my garden!!!

Look at Maggie's pumpkin plants! They are doing so well. I planted lots of flowers
this year. I learned the blossoms need to be pollenated at least 5 or 6 times
each to produce a pumpkin. DETERMINED to get the girl a pumpkin
this year!! She wants to make pumpkin bread with me.
UPDATE (7-21-13)
Actually there are three of them! 

What a beauty! Finally!!!