Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I got up before the chickens yesterday morning and drove out to Temecula to catch a ride far above flying a kite at it's highest height! I went up up and away in a hot air balloon. It was my first time and I highly recommend it...I would do it again and again! I loved it! I took it all in...every little second of it. I met some nice people and our pilot Rusty was a character. His twenty plus years, including his humor, helped everyone feel at ease and safe. I had so much fun! Another check off of my bucket list!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beachy Keen!

I love the beach...oh yes I do!!! I spent a few hours at the beach today basking in the sun. It was gorgeous! I made my lunch to take....turkey, avocado, tomato, spicy mustard sandwich. Also some almond crackers and herbed goat cheese. I slathered up with my sunscreen, laid out for awhile, beach combed, had lunch, laid out, beach combed...you get the picture. What a wonderful day! Some photos to share of my amazing first day at the beach.

The sand dunes were covered with ice plant in full bloom. Beautiful!

My little buddy...he begged and begged...but I didn't give in...when you
do...they call in their whole family!!!

Some of my shells I collected today! Wow! That is only one days worth. I will
have to mail them home in a priority box at the end of my vacation...I know
there will be more...I can just feel it!!!

It's Still February...It is still MY BIRTHDAY!!

My birthday present from me to me is a hot air balloon ride!! I had to leave the
snow....bummer....NOT....to go someplace sunny and nice to do this!! Here are a two
photos of my first day in the 70 degree weather!!

The man at the car rental counter up-graded me from an economy car to luxury because
it is my birthday! I am driving in style baby! Push button start, back up camera and great

I wrote a couple of poems already!! Fresh air, sun and thawed bones helps the brain 
work better!

I ate my first meal at my (our) favorite restaurant Cafe Coyote. The Mariachi Band sang
"Happy Birthday" to me in Spanish....good times good times!

I checked in at my cottage style motel...got settled in and then took the city bus to the beach!
Made a stop at Starbucks for some coffee and watched the sun go down and the old lantern
night lamps come on. 
My first day went perfectly!