Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tiger Yellowtail Butterfly

I had the pleasure of discovering this amazing Tiger Yellowtail Butterfly in my driveway yesterday. It did not startle as I bent over and got within a few inches to take a few photos. My granddaughter squatted down on her knees to get a better view and then screamed, "You can even see it's proboscis Nana!" 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Country Country Living

This is what I got to see on my walk today. Gorgeous fields of buttercups, and horses.

Dirty Nails

My garden is coming
along. They provide
a raised garden plot to
those who want to dig
in the dirt where I live.
They just finished up-
dating them with cinder
blocks. I planted flowers
around the outside inside
of the blocks, as well as herbs. Rosemary, chives, thyme, and spearmint.  I need
flowers for my pressed
flower artwork I sell at
the local Farmer's Market. I also have
flowers in 1/3 of the
plot. Lavender, daisies,
geraniums, carnations,
forget me nots, iceland
poppies, cosmos, pansies and my echinacea came back
this year! The other 2/3's
I have 6 jalapeno peppers, zucchini, Summer squash. I still need to put in a cherry tomato (it's in a pot on
my patio) pumpkin seed,
carrots, peas (to grow up trellis) green beans, cilantro. The bottles are just garden art! And the
rocks are to stand on to pick my peas and green beans. My poem says it all!

  dirty nails

i can't wait to go outside
to play in the dirt
to dig in the dirt
to smell the dirt.

dirt runs through my blood 
my daddy
and his daddy
 tilled the earth to provide a way for me 
to put food on the table
and shoes on my dirty feet.

here I am
on bent knees
with my stained 
cracked hands
and dirty nails.

planting seeds of life
growing my own

by nancy craig ©

Update on my garden.(6-1-14)
I put mesh on my trellis for the peas and green
beans to grow on.

I posted this in my garden this year. It is a community style garden,
and unfortunately people take what they want. Maybe after reading
my poem people will see my love for gardening and respect
me enough to not take mine this year.

Bought pole beans at the local Farmers Market and got them in the earth.

Just a view of one of cobalt blue bottles in my garden. Pretty!

My radishes are up in just a few days! Blooms on my tomato plants and
all the squash plants are thriving! Did I mention...I love playing in the dirt!