Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beachy Keen!

I love the beach...oh yes I do!!! I spent a few hours at the beach today basking in the sun. It was gorgeous! I made my lunch to take....turkey, avocado, tomato, spicy mustard sandwich. Also some almond crackers and herbed goat cheese. I slathered up with my sunscreen, laid out for awhile, beach combed, had lunch, laid out, beach get the picture. What a wonderful day! Some photos to share of my amazing first day at the beach.

The sand dunes were covered with ice plant in full bloom. Beautiful!

My little buddy...he begged and begged...but I didn't give in...when you
do...they call in their whole family!!!

Some of my shells I collected today! Wow! That is only one days worth. I will
have to mail them home in a priority box at the end of my vacation...I know
there will be more...I can just feel it!!!

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