Thursday, August 23, 2012


Alpaca Farm.

A barnacle caught in some seaweed.

Lots of  barnacles and sea life to take photos of.

My granddaughters playing in the sand.  Buried treasures!

It was a gorgeous day!! I LOVE THE OCEAN...BEACH...SHELLS...DRIFTWOOD!!!!!!!!

A Chinese junk ship we saw from the ferry.

The lavender fields were amazing. We all cut and gathered bunches of lavender to take home.

Coffee and smoothie break!!

From the ferry.

Beach combing. 

This lake was just a short walk from the house we rented.

Getting ready to cut some lavender.

Bee's buzzing everywhere. My daughter actually saw a bee dive face first into the 
lavender and wiggle its face back and forth!! Amazing!!

Amber made a Mexican Fiesta for us. All from scratch. Yum! It was so scrumptious!!

Lots of interesting sea plants in the tide pools.

A snake in the middle of the pic...standing straight up!

We hiked down to this beach...about 3/4 of a mile.

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