Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Absolutely Gorgeous Day!!! (5-25-12)

You can see my red leaf lettuce is full and ready to pick already!! Red onions  
are doing good as well. I love my garden!!!

View of the spinach and my sugar peas! They are growing fast now. I have
blooms...eating some peas soon!!

Look at that spinach...Popeye would be proud!! It is so big and green!
I have already picked some of the outer yummy!

I only planted three tomato plants this year. I spaced them out more and I   
put all kinds of "Special"  things down in the hole.  Check out what
I added to my soil to give me lots of red and juicy tomatoes at this web-site: 

The cage area I made to train my zucchini to grow on.

I am logging this so I don't forget how absolutely gorgeous the weather was yesterday. Crystal clear and blue blue skies with a slight breeze, it was around 70 degrees!!  P E R F E C T !!!!!!  I worked in my garden for over three hours and I planted my tomato plants as well as some pretty flowers. I also put in my zucchini starts but they wilted almost immediately...I am hoping they will stand back up. I am still chicken to plant my healthy bush bean starts in the garden....I don't want to lose those little guys I have nurtured and babied for a month now to one cold night. I did move them to my patio so they can get accustomed to the outdoor temps before I put them out in the garden bed. They have been outside for four days now and they still look good. I also built this little area out of those metal fences...three large ones stuck in the earth and then I took two to make a lid, then I attached them with those plastic ties so it would stand strong. (See Photo) The purpose for my little shelter is to train my zucchini plants up the side and then lay them on top as well as my youngest granddaughter's pumpkin plant. My garden is limited on space so I am going up! I enjoyed my time playing in the dirt and being outside today more than words can express. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! I am hoping for many more to come our way!!!!!!!!!! Lots More!!!!!!!!!!!! No.... lots lots more!!!!!!!!!!!

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