Sunday, May 20, 2012

Farmer's Market Fun!!

Steel band. People would stop and dance and just have fun!!! I love the Farmer's Market!!

Some of my rocks. I sold about 200 rocks in two weeks!! (The rock the lady bought for her mother
to pray with is the white one with orange flowers at the top and to the left of the black one with rose petals and to the right of the single petal)

This is a custom made seed planter made by a very creative 6 year old boy. Genius I say!!
He whittled it himself. 

Rachel's table. She makes really neat stuff. Jewelry and fragrance balm made with essential oils in little tins and then she puts them
inside little pouches. So cute. She has an etsy site...I will add later. I am back with the link to Rachel's etsy site. Here it is and .

I like to find heart shaped rocks and put heart shaped leaves and flowers on them. This
is one of my favorites. I did sell this one. The person who bought it loved it as much
as I did....I am glad I did not keep it for myself.

I did my second Farmer's Market I have fun!!! I made friends, laughed a whole lot....and people loved my pressed flower rocks and they bought them!!! I am blessed and amazed how much people like my art. It feels good to make something that people adore. I get triple-plus pleasure out of doing my rock art. Beach combing to find the rocks,  finding and pressing the flowers and then making time...and then people love them and buy them!!! Yes...blessed!! One lady bought a rock for her mother who is very ill and she used to hold a rock in her hand as she prayed. The rock got when she saw my rocks she was excited and told me she had to buy one for her mother to hold as she prayed. She picked a white smooth rock with orange petals. It had a small dip in it that you could put your thumb into. My heart was moved with emotion as she told me how much her mother was going to love that rock. It was a woe moment for me. The steel band set up on the corner a few feet from my table which gave the area a good vibe and it drew in the crowds....I love a steel band!  

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