Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Garden is Mostly Planted!!

Red leaf lettuce. To the right you can a couple of the red onions. My bottle fence to 
separate my pretty flower garden. Pennies around the edge of my garden to keep
slugs out!! They don't like copper.

You can see the three-fold trellis in this photo. I have peas on the sides and I will plant
the green beans in the middle. I am sure it will be covered from top to bottom with
loads of beans and peas. I will have lots of stir-fry for din din!!

Another shot of the flowers and bottles.

My two zucchini plants. Great for stir-fry as well!!! And zucchini bread. Yum!

My green beans!! I started them inside the house. It is still too cold to plant 
then outside. You can't even buy the plants here yet. They like the ground to
be in the high 50's-60's. Hopefully I can get them in my garden soon!! 

I finally planted most of my garden. It is still too cold to plant the green beans, but I do have them started inside the house. I have not planted my tomatoes week. I bought a three-fold trellis for my snap peas and sugar peas and also the green beans. I have two kinds of lettuce and spinach, red onions, radishes, carrots and two zucchini plants in the ground. These are the before photos....I will post photos when I am harvesting at the end of Summer!! I also have one corner just for flowers. I made a little wall with some of my bottle collection just for have to have some "pretty" in your garden...right? I love gardening...I love digging in the dirt!!

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