Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today was the most amazing day. I think, between Mary and I, we took around 400 photos at the Botanical gardens, redwoods, beaches as well as the gardens at our motel.  As we rode the Skunk train into the redwoods we were entertained by a guitarist singing lyrics that all had something to do with trains.  It was very relaxing as we slowly moved through the woods. We spent some time out in the open air car for a bit enjoying the sunshine and breeze. We then drove down to the harbor and had the most amazing cod lunch. We sat at a window seat and watched the boats coming in. Several fishing boats came by and held up their catch for the day! We joined other customers in the restaurant cheering and giving them thumbs up!! We visited the Botanical took photo after photo....we could have stayed all day snapping photos there. We then went to the beach....we had to climb down the it was pretty rocky. We didn't find as much glass as I thought we would but it was high tide and there was hardly any beach to walk on let alone to comb. We enjoyed the refreshing air and the smell of the ocean. Here are a few photos from today that I think everyone will enjoy...I sure enjoyed taking them!

The Skunk Train.

Original seats.
Our entertainment.
Succulents at the Botanical Gardens.

Fishing boat passing by our restaurant showing off their catch for the day.

Some of the rocks on the coast. Gorgeous.


  1. Hi there I LOVE your photos!!! We actually met in Fort Bragg, my name is Claudia. I am glad you did find some glass on Glass Beach :)

    1. Hey there Claudia!!! Nice to see your name. Mary and I both enjoyed talking to you and thanks for the advice about wearing tennis shoes down the cliffs!! We had a blast!! Meeting nice people like you on our road trip made it so much better as well!!