Saturday, August 3, 2013


Just a few wonderful things I saw on my first day traveling South with my friend Mary. We both love taking photos so I told her right off if she saw something she had to have a photo of to just say so because I flip U-ies for a good photo....well....I flipped a few!!!  I also flipped a few for some yard sales we saw!! Got some old cobalt blue bottles for $2.00 and a 1950's glass ice bucket for almost nothing...we scored!! We made it safely to our Motel and got settled in. We both can smell the ocean breeze and can't wait to enjoy the outdoors tomorrow. We are tired now but we will be ready in the morning for an adventurous day of riding a steam engine into the redwoods and visiting the botanical gardens....and beach combing!

This was a "Flip A U-ie"!! Look at that field of sunflowers!

Another "Flip a U-ie" I just had to go back and capture these cranes by
this pond. An amazing sight to see!!

Mt Shasta. It was hazy but I still love it.

The back side of Mt Shasta.

I just had to stop and take a photo of this old silo.

Look at this Myrtlewood tree and that sky!! Wow!!!

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