Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This morning we packed up the car early and hit the road. I was very excited to see my niece whom I haven't seen in about five years. On the way we just had to stop at a produce stand. People were ripping through ears of corn and thumping watermelons. Dust filled the air as people hit the dirt road when they pulled in. I loved this site...out in the middle of no where....sunflower fields on one side....and rows and rows of pistachio trees on the other. I could have just stayed there all day. I enjoyed taking photos of the many kinds of fruits and veggies.


We met my niece at a local restaurant for breakfast. She was a delight!! After eating and visiting we followed her to see the church she goes to and while we were there she played the piano for us and we sang a worship song together "Take Me Into The Holy of Holies. "  The walls are decorated with her cross-stitch artwork that have Bible verses on them. We then followed her to a store downtown to look at her husbands jewelry he makes. Then over to his work place to say hi. We finally made it to her cute duplex. We visited and she showed us a few scrapbooks of her wedding and life. We had a wonderful time. I miss her already.


Sweet potatoes.

Peaches and nectarines.

Red grapes.

Red chili peppers.

Bins of pistachio nuts.
Fields of sunflowers!

My nieces cross-stitch artwork. One sits on the organ and the other on 
the piano in her church.

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