Thursday, August 8, 2013

Directing My Path

Mary and I had a wonderful time visiting friends in the Sacramento area on Tuesday. We all did some shopping and then had a nice dinner together. They were delightful hosts for our overnight stay. In the morning Vince cooked us up a scrumptious breakfast before we hit the road. Our plans were to go to a little cute old town and then come back, jump on the I-5 and head North but our plans changed a bit. Mary and I both felt that we should get on some back roads and see some scenery instead. Well…we did go to the cutest town and did some shopping as well as some window shopping and then we had lunch at Sweetie Pie's. We both had huge omelets with a huge pile of country potatoes which would have been plenty….then the waitress showed up with the toast. Two slices of freshly baked, TEXAS size walnut cinnamon with a slab of butter on top! Wow! …and YUM!  Mouth watering! We sat on the patio and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. We then headed over highway 49 which put us out where some old mining camps were back in the day. We took photos and watched people pan for gold. Back in the car and taking roads here and there…a true ROAD TRIP!! Signs and signs passing us by..PEACHES..WATERMELONS..NUTS…Mary loves fruit stands and we both wanted to get some peaches to make some jam. As we zoomed past one after another I finally just stopped at one that had an old woman standing next to a small table piled with peaches. As we were getting out of the car we could clearly see she had worked hard in her life and she was tired. Her hands were calloused and cracked telling me she had worked hard in her life. This is why we came this way…this woman needed us to stop…she needed us to care…she needed us to buy her peaches. She shared her pain of losing her family within the last five years. She lost her husband, son and mother. I could feel her pain. We bought almost all of her peaches. When I handed her a bit more than she asked she held my hand tightly and with teary eyes told me how badly she needed it and thanked me. I believe that God puts in us the direction we should go so when we end up on the other side of town it is for a reason. We might not understand the reason at first but it will become clearer as time plays out. IT WAS ALREADY PLANNED.

Sweetie Pies
Giant slices of freshly baked walnut cinnamon bread.
Old globe lights all over downtown.

Panning for gold. We didn't actually do this but it was fun to watch for a while.

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