Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Beautiful Gifts

My snazzy necklace and earrings.

Yesterday I had lunch and a good long, over-do, visit with a good friend of mine. We met about thirty-five years ago but we lost contact over the years. Good ol' Face Book helped us to reconnect. All of the years and all of the miles between us and then to find out we both moved across the country to live only about one hour from each other. For many reasons this was only the second time we got together since we found each other about one and a half years ago. We had a lot to talk about....we talked for literally seven hours straight!!! We both shared at a mile a minute gasping for air every now and then!! We sipped coffee together, laughed together and cried that is a true friendship. I believe that everything happens for a reason....everything has already been planned out by God....He directs us when we listen....and when we are willing to go the direction He is leading us in. I am thankful that the Lord arranged for us to find each other once again. I received two gifts today...A gift that can not be seen, only felt. And the second one was this gorgeous necklace and pair of earrings that she made for me. It made me look snazzy!  I love you Celeste! 

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