Monday, March 19, 2012

Rockn' Robin!

I went out for a short walk today to get some fresh air. I took a great photo of two robins in a, they were not  k i s s i n g!  Ha! I also found out that the horse that was being board on the property we live on died. The horse was not mine but I became close to him in the last year. When he saw me walking the trail out back he would gallop up to me. He knew I had an apple for him and expected it. I will miss him.
I also took a photo of an eagle's nest today. I was hoping there would be an eagle sitting in it. I have heard that they mate for life and they return to their nests every year. I will be watching it to see if they return. I checked out my garden plot I had in our community garden last year and I have at least 20 or more pansies up and blooming. There also is some ground cover I do not recognize nor did I plant. I guess some blew into my garden. I will re-plant my pansies along the edge of my garden plot and dig some up for my patio to make room for all my veggies I will plant. I can't wait to start planting!! Come on Spring!!

Eagle's nest.

Two red robins in the tree. Can you find them?

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