Friday, March 23, 2012

Can I Please Go Outside and Dig in The Dirt?

Hanging basket bird feeder I made.

Another angle of the bird feed I made.

One of our birdies. I used to just sprinkle bird food along the edge of our patio railing...the birds think they moved on up to the East side with their new feeder!

It didn't take long for the birdies to find the feeder! This little
guy is the Chestnut-Backed Chickadee.

I am pretty sure this is a Dark-Eyed Junco (male.) If anyone knows 
for sure, please let me know. I have a bird book to compare
my photos to and this matches pretty close!!

Black-Capped Chickadee (left) * The one one the right 
is too hard to match up.
This is a House Finch (male) The male's feathers are red and 
the females are just multi-colors of white and browns. You can
see the reflection of my drapes in the window...I had to be sneaky
to get this photo and hide behind the them!!!

Old tubs and milk cans with my flowers.

I am going to add a few different flowers to the tubs as well. Sweet alyssum or something
like it.

I love watching hummingbirds. I hope they come soon!

Altogether I got over 40 pansy plants. The plant on the left in
little ball looking shapes is another plant that
came up on its own. It has a purple flower on it.

Angel ivy in a blue pot. That is some of my beach 
glass collection in my old blue mason jars on the table as well.

The sun has been shining for two days now and I am loving it! Yesterday I went out to my garden plot and dug up some pansies that just re-seeded themselves. I had enough to leave some along the edges of my plot and enough to put in some old tins and buckets for my patio. I got filthy! I love digging in the dirt. I guess it is the country in me! Today I finished up on transplanting them and making a bird feeder. I got the idea from Pinterest but I changed it up a little. The one on Pinterest is using a wood or moss type wreath to hang and then sit a plate or bowl into. Then you have to put rope or chain or something to hang it with. When I was out shopping for the right wreath I saw something that I thought would work better. It already had chain and a hook to hang it by. It is one of those hanging moss baskets with the wire and moss inside. I just simple took out the moss put some of my shell collection inside the basket part and then put the dish inside. (See photos) I also put up the beautiful hummingbird feeder I received for my birthday. I am not completely finished with my patio yet but I did get a good start on it. Oh yah, I also put some angel ivy I had been rooting for a while, that my friend Mary gave me, in a pot. It actually is in dirt!! I love Spring! I love sunshine! I love dirt!  

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