Monday, March 12, 2012

My Art Project!

I have been wanting to put something on our bedroom wall for a long time now. We have been in this apartment for almost one year now and I still haven't finished decorating. My main reason is that I can't make up my mind! My husband says that women have very clean minds....because they change them often!! We don't change our minds, we just come up with a better plan!!! So all of my ideas keep changing to a better plan!  My friend Mary finished adding some fabric to our shower curtain and she also made us a couple of throw pillows that matched our curtains and lampshade in our bedroom. This inspired me to finish decorating the bedroom....Thanks Mary for the sewing you did for ya! I got an idea to get a wall hanging....of course in a retro design. I went on-line and looked for retro wall hangings...OH MY WORD is all I can say...Instead of paying $1400-$2,000 to put something on my wall I chose to just make something myself. So...IDEA!!! Make my own!! The ideas kept coming so I grabbed one and went with it. A trip to Michael's for my supplies and I made a unique and one of a kind wall hanging for under $50.

All of the glass in my wall hanging I found on some of my
beach combing trips. I love beach glass. My hanging
measures  4' x 2.5'.
I finished it!! I added more glass! I really like it too!!

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