Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today I used some of my, BIG, crop of tomatoes!! I have been freezing them as they get ripe...who knew? An old friend gave me this secret a few years back. Tomatoes never get ripe all at the same time. One here, one there. When my friend told me to just freeze them as they ripen...then when you get enough to make bruschetta, salsa, or pasta sauce, thaw and cook I was amazed so I did just that. It worked so well that I have been doing it like this ever since. One thing I have found that I love about this method is when the tomatoes thaw the skin just pulls off...no blanching!! Besides the five pints and seven half pints that I made into bruschetta today I have five more gallon bags of tomatoes in my deep freeze. My specialty is making salsa. That will be next!! Here are a few pics of my day!

BIG pot of tomatoes thawing out in cold water.

After I cooked them down a couple of hours.

I added olive oil, garlics, white vinegar, sweet onion and fresh basil to finish it.

My bounty cooling on the counter.
With my labels!

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