Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Years!

This old plow sits on the property where I live.

This is on the road going out to La Conner. My friend Mary and I had fun taking 
photos of this old barn. As we were taking photos the owner pulled up and wanted to know what we were doing on his property. We told him that we loved his old barn and just had to stop and take a photo of it...I think he thought we were a little strange!!!! 

This plow is sitting in front of the town hall on Lummi Island.

I am standing under the railroad tracks here. Wow.... It is an amazing feeling when the train goes overhead while you are standing here.  It is POWERFUL.  I close my eyes and imagine the power of God passing through me!!! I love it here.

Old windmill in Old Town, San Diego.

Another plow! (Yes, I am a farmer at heart!!) This one is in Sprague River, Oregon.

This sleigh is in the cutest little town called La Conner. There are a lot of cute stores to shop at and lots of great places to eat.

I sometimes walk down these railroad tracks to go to the bay. I love walking on railroad tracks. 

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