Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creatures and Nature

This is the creek behind where we live. Because of all of the rain it is
now a lake!!! Really....ducks and all!!!!

A beautiful dried flower.

This is at the beach. I love the colors.

Large driftwood. I love driftwood. I make mobiles and wind chimes with the driftwood I find.

This snake was on the path I walk on. I do not like snakes! I can't believe I was brave enough to get this close....if it slithers I No like!!!!

This is one of the many spiderwebs on the fence out in the north forty. 

Bumblebee's buzzing everywhere.

Out in the apple orchard. I try to take my camera every time I go out back just in case I see a deer or another creature.     I am amazed
at how the deer are not that concerned with me. They just look at me and then continue to graze.

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