Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jumping Ships

Good view of the bow.

Gorgeous day!!!

A 20 foot life-like statue of 
"Kissing War Goodbye"
It is a roaming statue and is leaving
San Diego in a couple of weeks and
is moving on to San Francisco.

The ship's rigging. I loved looking up at them.

USS Midway and view of San Diego's

HMS Surprise.

HMS Surprise.

Star of India

Star of India.

Inside the submarine. I looked through
this periscope.

The Dolphin Submarine.

USS Midway

We had a wonderful time today. The sun was out and it felt good to be out in it. We drove down to the Port of San Diego to check out some of the ships docked there. We went aboard The Star of India, the Berkeley, Medea, Californian, HMS Surprise, the Pilot and a submarine called the Dolphin. When Larry was a youngster his family lived in Berkeley and he would watch the Berkeley sailing from Berkeley to San Francisco from his living room window. The HMS Surprise is the ship they used in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a gorgeous ship. We also went down into the submarine. Actually, I went down two times I liked it so much! The first time I went through quickly because I wasn't sure about being down inside a submarine. I said to myself, "I am brave, I am brave." It was a piece of cake! When I got to the surface I grabbed the camera from Larry and went back down. We then walked the waterfront to climb aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Midway.  It was huge. It was active from 1945-1992 and carried a crew of 4,500. They used 10 tons of food daily and it took 225 cooks to prepare their meals. They used 1,000 loaves of bread every day. Lot's of hungry sailors to feed!! We enjoyed seeing and hearing the history of all the ships. It was a fun in the sun day!!!!!!! Great fun jumping ships!!!

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