Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girls Day Out!!

My daughter painted a spoon rest and
I painted a stake for my garden. In
this photo they need to be fired.

Artist at work.

Our assortment of cheeses, candied walnuts,
pear slices, orange marmalade and some 
good chewy sourdough bread.

Look at this sparkly gorgeous light inside the
Chocolat Restaurant in Hillcrest.

Chocolate Mousse!! Rich...dark...smooth chocolate.
It was a party in our mouth!!!!

 The first thing my daughter and I did was hit a few yard sales. We then had fun painting some ceramics in a pottery studio. When we finished our art projects we drove to Chocolat's which is located in Hillcrest. We shared some assorted cheeses, and some gourmet pizza. I had a really good glass of red wine that paired perfectly with my food. We topped our meal off with a mouth watering chocolate mousse. I don't think I have ever enjoyed food as much as I did today! Seriously I felt like I was in that movie Eat Pray Love!! 

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