Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fun-Full Day With The Kids!

The Studio Diner we had breakfast at.

The ceiling inside the Studio Diner.

I love taking photos of just the
hood ornaments and 
the placards.

Such a pretty sky with all the palm trees.

Watching boats go by.

A nice view of San Diego from across
the bay.

Look at those clouds!!

We had another wonderful day here in San Diego with my daughter and her husband. We started out by going to a really cool 50's Diner my daughter found for breakfast called The Studio. It really was a diner with a movie production studio connected to it.  Then we drove to Balboa Park to take in a few Museums. Of course we went to the Automotive Museum! If there is a building with cars in it Larry's radar kicks in and we are there!!! We walked around and did a little souvenir shopping as well. We took a little break to have a coffee and then off to Point Loma to just sit out in the fresh air and sunshine to watch boats go by. We finished our day by going to Old Town to have some great Mexican food at our favorite place, Cafe Coyote. It was a full, but fun day with the kids!

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