Friday, November 18, 2011

Where I Live!

I love the way the sun is reflecting on the water.

I took this one very cold and stormy morning. 
I had to bundle up with a scarf, gloves and a hat that 
morning.  It was in the 30's!!

There is a lot of driftwood on the shore where I go. This
is what is left of a tree stump that has been
slammed with the waves. Look closely to see the
rocks that were driven into it by the crashing waves.

The shore of this beach I go to is covered in rocks.
I took my friend Mary here to collect some
round smooth one's for some art projects she
was doing. 

Gorgeous Day!

This is from a cliff looking down between the trees.
There are about 200 steps down the side of a hill to get to
the beach. We go here to pick blackberries in season.

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