Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There Will Be Storms

Last night I had this amazing and so so real dream. I felt everything so intensely and I heard everything so clearly. It was kind of simple but dramatic at the same time. I was driving along in my car with my husband and some other people, can't remember who they were right now. As I was coming around a big loop to get on a highway my car suddenly stopped. The engine was still going full throttle but the car was just at a stand still. Seconds later ,passing right in front of us was this enormous flood of water. It was big and powerful. It took everything with it as it passed by. It was amazing. I imagined the Hand of God holding our car back. He knew it was coming, He could see it coming, so He just simply put His Hand in front of our car and held it back so we would be safe. The rest of the night my dreams were centered on telling everyone what God did for us. Yes, storms will come in our life and if we believe God's Hand is there to protect us we will get through it. I BELIEVE.

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