Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Letting My Imagination Run Wild!

Just a quick blog to say I have been digging deep into my creative side lately! I have been writing poetry for almost forty years...but never learned how to do it in the right form. This past Sunday I attended my first Poetry Writing Workshop. I LOVED it!! I loved meeting other poets and our instructor was an accomplished poet who has had several poetry books published. His name is James Bertolino. We had four different writing assignments to complete within twenty-thirty minutes each. We each had a turn reading our poems aloud and then we had some discussion and critiquing time.  It was a challenge to write under pressure but I feel I held my own since this was my first time! I am excited about writing again and polishing up some of the poems I have already written.
I am grateful for youtube for having so many videos on poetry. Soooo much to learn! My goal is to read at a Poetry Reading someday!

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