Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I had the great pleasure of being with my two oldest granddaughters yesterday. They are growing up so fast and along their way have become amazing artists!! I took some beach glass, pressed flowers, canvases and some paints with me for my visit. After my session with my son-in-law teaching me how to back up all my data on my computer as well as my videos the girls and I got our creative on!    AMAZING ART TO FOLLOW!!

After blending some colors and painting the canvas this gorgeous shade
of lavender my oldest granddaughter arranged many different petals with
the shade of purple in them to create this AMAZING piece!

The beach glass tree was also created by my oldest granddaughter. After painting her canvas 
she arranged her beach glass on a piece of paper then took a photo of it. After the canvas was 
dry she used her photo to re-arrange her glass. BRILLIANT!!! 

The GORGEOUS arrangement with the flower petals blowing in the wind was created by my
middle granddaughter. After carefully mixing and blending her paint until she had the 
perfect shade she was looking for she arranged petals and leaves to create this 
EYE CATCHING piece of art!! 

Blue on blue heart on a tiny canvas created by my middle granddaughter.

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