Thursday, September 12, 2013


I gathered about fifty pounds of apples from the orchard behind our apartment yesterday.  It was so heavy I had to stop every few feet and switch hands. It was quite a chore to say the least. After making it to the garden area I decided to call Larry to bring me out another bag so we could divide them up. That was a smart move, it made carrying them the rest of the way a bit easier. Today I was in the kitchen for four solid hours cleaning and coring them to make applesauce. I canned some of the applesauce and the rest went into the freezer for my apple butter later. Wow!!! People used to actually gather their fruits and veggies and "put them up" hoping they had enough to last them through the Winter time. It is a lot of work but very rewarding!  I still have about fifteen pounds of apples left to make apple pie filling with.

Crisp green apples.

Cooking in a pot. I leave some of the peeling on.

Almost finished cooking. When they are finished, I put them in my
ricer and make them as smooth as silk. Then process my jars and save 
some for my Blue Ribbon apple butter!

Cooling on the counter.

I made cinnamon-chunky and just plain smooth. Both sugar free. 

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