Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Brother Visited from the Mid West! I Enjoyed Showing Him God's Country!!!

I had the pleasure of sharing my backyard with my brother. We went to the Tulip Festival and looked at amazing fields of flowers  We went to Deception Pass for a picnic. We walked and talked and had fun looking for pretty rocks! We walked out on the bridge...wow...it was high!!! We did
Seattle, the Space Needle and Pikes Market. I asked the fishmonger to throw fish for us and he did! Good times, good times!! We ate good food, talked and had many a cup a joe together. We drank green smoothies worked in the garden and enjoyed the crystal clear blue skies along with an abundance of sunshine. One of the highlights for me was when he joined me at the Farmer's Market to sell my artwork. He helped me set up my tables and display of petraspetals.com. I enjoyed his company and I am thankful he got to come see me! (I love you bro and I am praying for complete health for you)   Here are a few of the three hundred photos we took during his stay.

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