Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Photos of Things That Caught My Eye!

An airplane coming in for a landing over Balboa Park.

I took this on Lummi Island walking from the
Ferry to my friends house.

This beautiful Chandelier was in
an entry way of a very old Hotel.

This was on a door in Little Italy, San diego.

This is inside the Corvette Diner's Arcade.

I caught this little guy taking a sun bath. He
stayed for a long while and allowed me to take
a photo of him. I think he was drunk in the sun!

Now that's a pie!!!!

 I took this photo at
Balboa Park. I did not know,
until later, that a jet had
just passed through.

Columbus Zoo, Ohio

These bright orange bumpers were piled
inside one of the ships we went on. You
can not tell by the photo, but they are huge.
They measured about 18 inches long and 
about 10 inches across.

Guiding the way!

A very old flood light inside the Studio Diner.

This billion dollar + Yacht passed through the harbor in San Diego.
Notice the helicopter on the back. Wooooooe is all I have to say!!!!

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