Friday, January 27, 2012

Ocean Beach

This picture was taken from where we had lunch 
on the wall.

From the pier.

 From the pier facing South.

Larry says this is a 1951 or 1952 De Soto Woody
Station wagon. This was parked in front of the
Ocean Beach Hotel.

We went to Ocean Beach today to do some Antiquing. There are several antique stores that we visit every time we visit this area. Then we picked up some sandwiches and took them down to the water. We sat on the wall so we could watch the crashing waves as we had our picnic. The waves were crashing hard against the pier and overflowing onto it a little bit. After our lunch we walked out onto the pier to get a closer look. There was a lady sitting on a blanket selling jewelry she had made. She had made an anklet with a pretty blue flower on it which was a perfect match to the blouse I was wearing. When she saw me she jumped up and insisted on putting it on me. I did love brought back memories of my hippie years!  We went back to our Hotel and rested a bit and then went over to my daughter and hubby's house for dinner. We had a great day....once again. Blessed to be in the sun!!   

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