Saturday, January 7, 2012


A liquid garden for your inner garden!!

 This is my New Years Resolution......A New Plan Resolution!! I wanted to incorporate more veggies into my life for my well as get back to walking more.... I even want to do another half Marathon this this is my plan. I am actually on my sixth day of my new plan and I am loving it!! I researched the area where I live to find someplace that makes fresh juice drinks. Then I figured out the miles around the location. I walk half way which is about two miles get my veggie juice and drink it on my last two miles home. I have to buy an organic juice already made because there were not any fresh juice locations near where I live. I usually get the carrot and leafy greens drink. It has a load of veggies in it. This is what is in one 16 oz. won't believe how many veggies are in it. (4 large carrots, 1 bunch spinach, 1/2 bunch romaine, 3 leaves Kale, and 3 leaves collards. It says right on the bottle that it is a liquid garden for your inner garden! I love that!! Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes and desires. Figure out what you like and what exercise works for you and make a New Plan Resolution and then just do it!!! The key is getting started and finding something you love. I LOVE WALKING!!! And I LOVE the way I feel after I drink my liquid garden and the way I feel for completing the four miles!!

Here's to your health and new plan,
Peace and love,

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