Sunday, December 11, 2011

Canadian Olympics

The Cauldron
Downtown Vancouver

Crazy car! It is covered with toys and stuff!!!!

Olympic Rings.

Canadian Flag on corner of building.

I had the privilege to go to Canada during the Olympics!!!! I drove across the border early and then met with my family to ride into Vancouver. We did not actually go to an event but we did enjoy the hoopla and the excitement of just being there during this time. It was crazy fun! We got to stand right in front of the Cauldron! It was a really amazing feeling to see it and to just think that the flame on it traveled around the world starting in Greece being passed off until it finally made it to it's final destination. There was all kinds of entertainment happening. Crowds of people stood around to watch street performer's as people swooped by overhead zip-lining across the city. Exciting! We stayed all day and just took in all that we could. Great memories with my family!! 

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