Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall and My Blue Ribbons!!

My ribbons for apple butter and jams.

Some of my Blue Ribbon Apple Butter!

A deer in the apple orchard. The deer just stop and look and then go on. No fear.

A photo I took on one of my walks.

My beggar friend.

I love the Fall. The colors of Fall... oranges, yellows and reds of the leaves, and the crisp air on my face as I go for my walk all make me feel alive and bring joy to my life. The apples are ready...ready to pick and make applesauce and my apple butter! I am thankful for the place I live right now. Behind the apartment complex where I live are fifty-two acres of woods and trails which include an apple orchard. There is also a horse that lives on the property. When he see's me coming down the path he usually heads my way shaking his head to let me know he wants an apple.  He is a beggar. I always give in and pick a couple extra for him. I have picked my share of apple's this year that is for sure!!! It is fun to me and very rewarding although it is hard work. Picking apples is just one of the steps to making my apple butter. I also wash, then peel and cook the apples to make the applesauce. I used to just cook the apples with the skin on but I find that it is a cleaner applesauce if I do peel them first. When I get the applesauce made I then get out my top secret recipe and start on the apple butter. I love every step it takes to get to the end prize! I say prize.....yes prize.....because I won a Blue Ribbon at the Lynden Fair for my apple butter!!! When I found out that I had a blue ribbon I was so happy and excited that I screamed and jumped up and down!! I also have received first, second and third place ribbons for other jams and jellies I entered into the fair.  I love making apple butter and canning it. I love giving it to my friends and family even more!

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