Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Canning Apple Butter 11-15-11

Pot of "Secret Recipe" Apple butter!

My daughter designed my apple butter label for me.

Today I spent four hours in the kitchen canning my apple butter. I also video taped it and will post that when I finish with it. I thought it might help someone who is just starting out canning. Everyone does it their own way....I just share a few tips that I have learned over the past 34 years!! I made a boat load of apple butter this year. I make it for my family and friends every year....I ran short last year so this year I made extra. When I made applesauce off and on during the last month or so I just put it in gallon freezer bags and stuck it in the freezer. I had four full bags in the freezer and Christmas is coming fast...so today was the day!!! Actually, this year I am giving it for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. I promised my nephew that I would keep a supply coming his way. He loves the stuff!! He once tried to get his friend to try it. After his friend declined a couple of times, my nephew held the jar up and pointed it into his face and said, "It's Blue Ribbon." Like that would get him to change his mind. It did not work. Just more for him!  I will end this with saying to my nephew, "The box is on it's way." Love you,  Aunt Nantny

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